Zeroth post

This is the 0^{th} post.

Why probability? because it’s fun, and because that’s the part of mathematics I’ve chosen to work in, not the least due to Itai Benjamini, my PhD supervisor.

Why a blog? because I’ve been enjoying several mathematical blogs recently (Terry Tao’s What’s new and Gowers’s Weblog spring to mind) and thought it would be great if we had something similar for the kind of mathematics which interests me the most – probability. The closest thing I could find was Isabel Lugo’s God Plays Dice (which is now one of my favorites) but I think this blog/field combination is big enough for the both of us.

Why now? why not? seriously, I wanted to do this since the summer, but I always had some other stuff in the way, namely, writing applications for postdoc positions. This is behind me now (mostly – now I have to wait for answers) so there are no more obstacles to fuel my procrastination.

(actually, there might be some, I’ll let you know when they crop up)

So, here it is, my shiny new probablog (the word blogability, suggested to me by someone whose name I dare not disclose, was politely declined). Hopefully, it will last beyond the first couple of posts, and might even lead to some serious probability discussion.

Update (04:55, January 23, 2008): Something cropped up alright.


~ by Ori on January 18, 2008.

One Response to “Zeroth post”

  1. Hi!

    I agree that “probablog” is a better word. “blogability” feels like it ought to be an adjective.

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